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Current Internet Terms/Abbreviations

Code Definition    
# Twitter hashtag Number  
#1 Number one    
$ Dollar, money    
$_$ Has money    
%) Drunk, giddy    
'S Wrongly displayed 's    
>< Frustration    
>,< Angry, annoyed    
>.> Suspicious, wary    
>.< Frustrated, angry, upset, in pain    
>//< Embarrassed, blushing    
>:( Angry    
>:) Evil Grin    
>:D< Hug    
>:O Angry    
>_> Looking left, shifty look    
>_< Frustrated    
>3 Evil but happy Hate (opposite of <3)  
>O< Yelling    
&HEARTS; HTML code for a heart    
<# Misspelling of <3    
<> Not equal No comment  
<>< Fish    
<.< Shifty look    
</3 Broken Hearted    
<_< Sarcasm, look left    
<2 Not quite love (<3)    
<3 Love (heart shape)    
<333 Multiple hearts    
<3U Love You    
<4 More than love (<3)    
<B Hate    
<G> Grin    
(!) Sarcasm    
(: Happy    
(^^^) Shark    
(_8^(I) Homer Simpson    
-8 Musical note (MSN)    
(A) Angel (MSN)    
(H) Cool dude emoticon (MSN)    
(K) Kiss (MSN)    
(L) Love heart (MSN)    
(N) Thumbs down (MSN)    
(S) Seriously    
(U) Heartbroken    
(Y) Thumbs up (MSN)    
(YN) Fingers crossed (MSN)    
* Indicating a spelling correction    
*$ Starbucks    
*$$ Starbucks    
*<:-) Clown    
*.* Every file on a computer    
*_* In love, dazed    
*G* Grin    
*O* Confused, surprised, shocked    
*S* Salute    
-.- Annoyance    
.-. Sad, unhappy    
.CO Alternative to .COM    
.COM Top level domain for commerce    
.EDU Top level domain for education    
.GOV Top level domain for governments    
.MIL Top level domain for the military    
.NET Top level domain originally for network providers  
.ORG Top level domain for non-profit organizations  
// Love, I love you    
/B/ 4chan's random image board    
/O/ Happy, arms in the air    
/O\ Frustrated, hands on head    
/R/ Requesting    
/S Sarcasm    
/THREAD End of a thread on a forum    
/W Whisper    
:$ Embarrassed    
:& Tongue tied, speechless    
:> Mischievous smile    
:< Sad, frowning    
:( Unhappy, sad    
:'( Crying    
:-( Sad    
:(:) Pig    
:(|) Monkey    
:) Happy    
:') Crying with joy    
:-) Smile    
:* Kiss    
:-* Kiss    
:/ Sarcasm    
:? Confused    
:@ Angry    
:[ Sad Vampire  
:] Happy    
:{) Happy with a moustache    
:| Disgust, disapproval, not funny    
:0 Surprised, shocked    
:3 Cute/goofy face    
:9 Yum, licking    
:B Buck teeth    
:C Very Sad    
:D Happy    
:DD Very happy    
:F Drooling    
:J Smirk    
:K Vampire teeth Snake's tongue  
:L Laughing    
:O Surprised    
:O) Clown nose smiley face    
:P Sticking tongue out    
:Q Smoking    
:S Confused    
:T Side smile    
:X Zipped lips    
;( Crying    
;) Wink    
;-) Wink    
;D Wink    
;O Joking    
;P Winking and sticking tongue out    
? What?    
?? What?    
?_? Confused, lost    
@ At    
@@@ Warning of parents nearby    
@_@ Hypnotized, dazed    
@}--->---- A rose    
\\// Peace Vulcan salute  
\M/ Horns, metal salute    
\O Waving    
\O/ Happy, arms in the air    
^.^ Happy    
^.~ Wink    
^^ Happy    
^^^ Reference to line above    
^_^ Happiness, satisfied    
^5 High five    
^O^ Hurrah    
^W^ Happy    
-_- Annoyed, tired    
|O| same as LOL    
}:-) Devilish smile    
+_+ Dead man    
+1 Partner Me too  
+REP Boost reputation on XBox Live    
=) Happy    
=.= Tired    
=/= Not equal to    
=[ Sad    
=] Happy    
0 Surprised, shocked    
3 Cute/goofy face    
#NAME? :D    
#NAME? Vampire    
#NAME? Indifference    
#NAME? Sticking tongue out    
#NAME? Confused    
=W= Weezer (band)    
#NAME? No Comment    
0.0 Surprise    
0.O Raised eyebrow, WTF    
0/ Waving    
0_0 Shocked    
012 Forever    
10 Perfect looking woman    
101 Basic introduction    
10-1 Radio code for 'Receiving poorly'    
10-2 Radio code for 'Receiving well'    
10-4 Understood, OK    
10CHAR Padding where at least 10 characters are required  
10Q Thank you    
10X Thanks    
11 One louder than 10    
111 Excited    
112 European emergency number    
12 The police    
120 LOL! (101! = 5! = 120)    
123 I agree    
1234 1 thing 2 say 3 words 4 you (I Love You)  
1314 Forever (Chinese)    
1337 Elite    
133T Elite    
143 I Love You (letters in each word)    
14344 I Love You Very Much (letters in each word)  
1437 I Love You Forever    
153 I Adore You (letters in each word)    
180 Turn around, 180 degrees    
187 Police code for murder or death    
1AAT One At A Time    
1UP Extra life in a game    
2 To    
211 Police code for robbery    
22 A .22 caliber handgun    
220 Second To None    
224 Today, tomorrow, forever    
24/7 Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week  
241 Two For One    
250 Stupid person (Chinese)    
2B To Be    
2BH To Be Honest    
2DAY Today    
2EZ Too Easy    
2G Too Good    
2G2BT Too Good To Be True    
2K10 2010    
2K4U To Cool For You    
2K9 2009    
2L8 Too late    
2M Tomorrow    
2MI Too Much Information    
2MORO Tomorrow    
2MOZ Tomorrow    
2MRW Tomorrow    
2NITE Tonight    
2NYT Tonight    
2U To You    
2U2 To You Too    
3 The letter E    
3 WHEELIN Driving with one wheel off the ground    
3> Hate (opposite of <3)    
30STM 30 Seconds To Mars (band)    
313 Area code for Detroit    
333 Half evil    
360 XBox 360 Complete circle  
381 I Love You (3 words, 8 letters, 1 meaning)  
39 Thank You    
3DG Three Days Grace (band)    
3G Third Generation mobile phone network  
3Q Thank You    
4 For    
4/20 April 20th, WEED smoking day    
401K Retirement investment plan    
404 Page not found error Clueless  
411 Information    
419 Nigerian Email Scam    
420 Weed, Pot    
420 FRIENDLY Person who likes smoking pot    
4221 4ever 2gether 2love 1another    
4377 Hell in LEET    
44 .44 Magnum    
459 I Love You (phone digits for ILY)    
4CHAN Internet message/image board    
4COL For Crying Out Loud    
4E4 Forever    
4EVA Forever    
4EVER Forever    
4G 4th Generation    
4GET Forget    
4GM Forgive me    
4M Forum    
4RL? For Real?    
4SHO For Sure    
4SRS For Serious?    
4U For You    
4X4 Four wheel drive vehicle    
4YEO For Your Eyes Only    
5 LOL (5=101 in binary)    
5 BY 5 Loud and clear, fine    
5 HOLE Gap between goalie's legs in hockey    
5! LOL! see 120    
50 Police (from Hawaii Five-O)    
5150 Police code for crazy person on the loose  
520 I Love You (Chinese)    
555 Thai for HaHaHa    
5N Fine    
5X5 Loud and Clear    
6_6 Looking down Suspicious  
637 Always and Forever (letters in each word)  
666 The Number of the Beast    
72 72 hours, 3 days    
73 Best regards (Amateur Radio)    
730 Crazy    
7DAW Seven Days A Week    
8) Cool    
8-) Cool (sunglasses)    
8* Kiss    
8-| Nerdy (wearing glasses)    
808 Police code for disturbing the peace    
80S The Eighties, 1980s    
81 Hells Angels (HA 8th and 1st letter)    
823 Thinking Of You    
831 I Love You (8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning)  
86 Get rid of something    
88 Heil Hitler (H is 8th letter)    
881 Bye Bye (from Chinese pronounciation)  
886 Bye Bye (Hong Kong Cantonese)    
888 Ate, ate, ate    
88888888 Clapping    
8D Manic    
9 Parent watching    
9_9 Rolling the eyes    
911 US emergency number    
93 Rough suburb of Paris    
99 Parent stopped watching    
999 UK emergency number    
9JA Nigeria    
A&F Always And Forever Abercrombie & Fitch  
A&R Artists & Repertoire    
A/N Author's Note    
A/W Anyway    
A1 Top quality    
A3 Anywhere, Any time, Any place    
A7A Frusration, anger (Arabic)    
A7X Avenged Sevenfold (band)    
AA Alcoholics Anonymous African-American Automobile Association
AAA American Automobile Association Battery size  
AAB Average At Best    
AAC Apple Audio Compression    
AAF Always and Forever    
AAK Alive And Kicking    
AAMOF As A Matter Of Fact    
AAP Always A Pleasure    
AAR At Any Rate    
AARP American Association of Retired Persons  
AAT And Another Thing At All Times  
AAWY And Also With You    
AAYF As Always, Your Friend    
ABBR Abbreviation    
ABC American Born Chinese    
ABD Already Been Done    
ABDC America's Best Dance Crew (TV show)  
ABF All But Face    
ABG Asian Baby Girl    
ABH Actual Bodily Harm    
ABO Aborigine    
ABP Already Been Posted    
ABS Absolutely    
ABT About    
ABT2 About To    
ABU Anyone but (Manchester) United    
AC Air Conditioning Alternating Current  
AC/DC Rock Band    
ACAPELLA Vocal music without instruments    
ACC Actually    
ACCT Account    
ACE Excellent, great    
ACK Disgust, frustration Acknowledgement  
ACLU American Civil Liberties Union    
ACME A Company that Makes Everything    
ACP Automatic Colt Pistol    
ACT SAT type test    
ACU Army Combat Uniform    
AD Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord)    
AD HOC For the specific purpose Improvised, impromptu  
ADD Attention Deficit Disorder    
ADDY Address    
ADGTH All Dogs Go To Heaven    
ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder  
ADL All Day Long    
ADM ¡Ay Dios Mío! (Spanish for Oh My God!)  
ADMIN Administrator on forum, network etc    
ADN Any Day Now    
ADS Aim(ing) Down Sights    
ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line    
ADTR A Day To Remember (band)    
AE American Eagle (clothing)    
AEAE And Ever And Ever    
AEAP As Early As Possible    
AFAIAC As Far As I Am Concerned    
AFAIC As Far As I'm Concerned    
AFAICS As Far As I Can See    
AFAICT As Far As I Can Tell    
AFAIK As Far As I Know    
AFAIR As Far As I Remember    
AFAP As Far As Possible    
AFC Away From Computer    
AFF Affirmative    
AFFA Angels Forever, Forever Angels    
AFI A Fire Inside (Band)    
AFK Away From Keyboard    
AFL Australian Football League    
AFN All For Now    
AFP Away From Phone    
AFS Always, Forever and Seriously    
AG Aggressive    
AGC Automatic Gain Control    
AGGY Aggitated    
AGH Ain't Gonna Happen    
AGM Annual General Meeting    
AGP Accelerated Graphics Port    
AGRO Hostile, angry Aggravation, trouble  
AGT America's Got Talent (TV show)    
AGW All Going Well    
AHA Expression of discovery or realization    
AHEM Throat clearing sound    
AHT Out    
AI Artificial Intelligence As If  
AIB Am I Boverd?    
AIDS Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome  
AIGF All In Good Fun    
AIGHT All right    
AII Alright    
AIIC As If I Care    
AIIT Alright    
AIKRN All I know right now    
AIM AOL Instant Messanger    
AIMBOT Trageting script in games    
AIMH Always In My Heart    
AIMO Idiot    
AINEC And It's Not Even Close    
AINT Am not/are not/is not    
AIN'T Am not/are not/is not    
AIO All In One    
AIR Blanked, ignored    
AIRHEAD Stupid person    
AISB As I Said Before    
AISI As I See it    
AIT Alright    
AITE Alright    
AITR Adult In The Room    
AITYD And I Think You Do    
AIUI As I Understand it    
AIYA Cantonese expression of exasperation    
AJ Apple Juice    
AK AK-47 Assault Rifle Alaska  
AK47 Assault rifle    
AKA Also Known As    
AKI Autumn, fall    
AKS Ask    
AKTF Always Keep the Faith    
AL Alcohol    
ALA In the style of (French)    
ALAP As Late/Long/Little As Possible    
ALAS Expression of regret, sorrow    
ALF Animal Liberation Front    
ALG Ain't Life Grand    
ALI Best Friend    
ALIE Init    
ALIHAL At Least I Have A Life    
ALKQN Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation  
ALLOW Let it be, forget it    
ALOL Actually Laughing Out Loud    
ALOTBSOL Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life  
ALPHA Head person of a group    
ALRATO Later    
ALT Alternative character in RPG    
ALU Arithmetic Logic Unit    
ALWP Actual Laughter Was Produced    
AM Ante Meridian (before midday) Amplitude Modulation (radio signal)
AMA Ask Me Anything Against Medical Advice  
AMAP As Much/Many As Possible    
AMC American Motors Corportation    
AMD Advanced Micro Devices    
AMEX American Express    
AMG Ah My God    
AMIGO Friend    
AMIRITE Am I Right?    
AML All My Love    
AMOG Alpha Male Of Group    
AMP Amplifier Ampere  
AMPED Excited, fired up    
AMT Alpha-Methyltryptamine    
AMTRAK American passenger railroad corporation  
AMV Anime Music Video    
AMW America's Most Wanted (TV show)    
AMZ Amazing    
AN Author's Note    
ANC African National Congress    
ANF Abercrombie & Fitch    
ANFAWFOS And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor  
ANFSCD And Now For Something Completely Different  
ANIME Japanese style animation    
ANON Unknown person    
ANS Answer    
ANSI American National Standards Institute    
ANTI Against    
ANTM America's Next Top Model    
ANY1 Anyone    
ANYWHO Anyhow    
AO Adults Only    
AOB Any Other Business    
AOD All Of Day    
AOE Area Of Effect    
AOK Age of Kings (game) All OK  
AOL American Online    
AOM Age of Mythology (game)    
AON All Or Nothing As Of Now  
AOS Ahead Of Schedule    
AOT As Opposed To Among Other Things  
AOTA All Of The Above    
AOTS Attack of the Show (TV show)    
AOW All Out War    
AOYP Angel on Your Pillow    
AP Associated Press    
APB All Points Bulletin    
APC Armoured Personnel Carrier    
APE Mad, crazy    
API Application Programming Interface    
APM Actions Per Minute    
APO Authorized Personnel Only    
APP Application (computer program)    
APPROX Approximately    
APPS Applications (software)    
APR Annual Percentage Rate    
APU As Per Usual    
AQ Adventure Quest (game)    
AQAP As Quickly As Possible    
AQF Ay Que Funny, LOL    
AR Assault Rifle    
ARD Alright    
ARE Misspelling of 'our'    
AREA 51 Top secret military base in Nevada    
ARF Laugh    
ARG Alternate Reality Gaming    
ARGH Expression of frustration or anger    
ARIGATO Thank You (Japanese)    
ARK Act of Random Kindness    
ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency (made early internet)  
ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (early internet)  
ART Alright    
ARVO Afternoon    
ASA And So On    
ASAIC As Soon As I Can    
ASAIK As Soon As I Know    
ASAP As Soon As Possible    
ASAS As Soon As Sensible    
ASBO Anti Social Behaviour Order    
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange  
ASD Sequence of letters on many keyboards  
ASDFGHJKL; I'm bored    
ASF And So Forth    
ASIC Application Specific Integrated Circuit    
ASL Age, Sex, Location    
ASLP Age, Sex, Location, Picture?    
ASN Any Second Now    
ASO I see    
ASP At Some Point    
AT&T American Telephone & Telegraph    
ATA Ait To Air Actual Time of Arrival  
ATB All The Best    
ATC Air Traffic Control    
ATD Attention to Detail    
ATEOTD At The End Of The Day    
ATF All Time Favorite    
ATGATT All The Gear All The Time (motorcycling)  
ATI Array Technology Inc. (graphics card maker)  
ATK Attack    
ATL Atlanta, Georgia    
ATM At The Moment Automated Teller Machine (cash machine)
ATMO According To My Opinion    
ATN Any Time Now    
ATOY Always Thinking of you    
ATQ Answer The Question    
ATST At The Same Time    
ATT At This Time All The Time  
ATTN Attention    
ATTT Ain't That The Truth    
ATV All Terrain Vehicle    
ATVB All The Very Best    
ATW All The Way    
ATWA Air, Trees, Water, Animals  All The Way Alive  
ATX Austin, Texas    
ATYS Anything You Say    
AU Alternate Universe Gold  
AUO I don't know    
AUP Another Useless Post Acceptable Use Policy  
AV Anti-Virus Audio/Video Adult Video
AVA Angels and Airwaves (Band)    
AVG Average    
AVGN Angry Video Game Nerd    
AVI Audio Video Interleaved (media format)  
AVO Afternooon    
AVPM A Very Potter Musical    
AWA As Well As    
AWESOME Amazing, wonderful, cool    
AWHFY Are We Having Fun Yet    
AWK Awkward    
AWKS Awkward    
AWNP All Work, No Play    
AWOL Absent Without Leave    
AWP Arctic Warfare Police sniper rifle    
AWS As We Speak    
AWSM Awesome    
AWW Any Which Way    
AX Ask    
AYB All Your Base    
AYBABTU All Your Base Are Belong To Us    
AYBRB2U All Your Base Are Belong To Us    
AYCS As You Can See    
AYE Yes    
AYEC At Your Earliest Convenience    
AYFR Are You For Real?    
AYFT Are You Free Today?    
AYK As You Know    
AYKM Are You Kidding Me?    
AYL Are You Listening?    
AYO Hey, You    
AYOR At Your Own Risk    
AYPI And Your Point Is?    
AYS Are You Serious?    
AYSOS Are You Stupid Or Something?    
AYT Are You There?    
AYW As You Wish    
AZN Asian    
B Bro Be  
B& Banned Band  
B&B Bed & Breakfast    
B&E Breaking And Entering    
B&M Bricks and Mortar    
B&W Black and White    
B) Smiley with sunglasses    
B/C Because    
B/W Between Black and White  
B2B Back To Back Business To Business  
B2C Business To Consumer    
B2W Back To Work    
B4 Before    
B4MV Bullet For My Valentine (Band)    
B4N Bye For Now    
B4U Before you    
B4YKI Before You Know It    
B7 Banned (B7=B&=Band)    
BAAS Boss    
BABYSITTING Holding the weed too long    
BAC Back At Computer Blood Alcohol Content By Any Chance
BAD Good    
BADASS Cool, confident person    
BADMAN Gangster    
BAE Baby    
BAG Get    
BAGL Bust A Gut Laughing    
BAH Bored As Hell    
BAHAHA Evil laugh    
BAI Bye    
BAIL Leave    
BAIRN Child, baby    
BAIT Blatant, obvious    
BAK Back At Keyboard    
BAKA Fool, idiot    
BAKED Stoned, Wasted    
BALLER Successful ball player    
BALLIN Playing basketball Living the good life  
BAM Below Average Mentality Exclamation of happiness
BAMA Person lacking style    
BAMN By Any Means Necessary    
BANDWIDTH Amount of data through an interface over time  
BANGING Very beautiful, sexy    
BANGTIDY Sexy, fit    
BANJAX Break, destroy    
BANTER Playful, witty chat    
BAO Be Aware Of    
BARBIE Barbecue    
BARE Lots of, very    
BASER Drug user    
BASIC Uncool, boring    
BATE Obvious    
BAU Business As Usual    
BAY Baby    
BB Big Brother Be Back  
BBALL Basketball    
BBAM Be Back After Meal    
BBB Bugging Beyond Belief    
BBBW Big Beautiful Black Woman    
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation    
BBE Babe    
BBEG Big Bad Evil Guy    
BBFL Best Buds For Life    
BBFN Bye Bye For Now    
BBG Best Be Going    
BBIAB Be Back In A Bit    
BBIAF Be Back In A Few    
BBIAM Be Back In A Minute    
BBIAS Be Back In A Sec    
BBK Boy Better Know    
BBL Be Back Later    
BBM Blackberry Messaging    
BBML Be Back Much Later    
BBN Be Back Never    
BBQ Barbecue Better Be Quick  
BBR Blonde, Brunette, Redhead    
BBS Be Back Soon Bulletin Board System  
BBT Be Back Tomorrow    
BBW Big Beautiful Woman    
BBWL Be Back Way Later    
BBY Baby    
BBZ Babes    
BC Before Christ    
BCBW Bow Chica Bow Wow    
BCC Blind Carbon Copy    
BCD Behind Closed Doors    
BCE Before Common Era (like BC)    
BCF Best Cousin Forever    
BCG Birth Control Glasses    
BCNU Be Seeing You    
BCOS Because    
BD Big Deal    
B-DAY Birthday    
BDN Busy Doing Nothing    
BDOML Best Day Of My Life    
BDONG Bad and Wrong    
BEANS Ecstacy    
BEAR Large man with body hair    
BEAST Person/thing that is good, awesome    
BEASTLY Being good at something, cool    
BEB Babe    
BEBE Babe    
BEEF Problem, fight, argument    
BEF Best Enemies Forever Best Email Friend  
BEG Big Evil Grin    
BELF Blood Elf (WOW)    
BELLIG Belligerant (when drunk)    
BENJAMIN $100 bill    
BENZ £10 bag of marijuana    
BER Beyond Economical Repair    
BESITOS Little kisses (Spanish)    
BESO Kiss (Spanish)    
BESOS Kisses (Spanish)    
BEST Best Regards    
BESTIE Best Friend    
BESTY Best Friend    
BET Black Entertainment Television    
BETA Pre-release version Better  
BF Boyfriend Best Friend  
BF2 Battlefield 2 (game)    
BF4L Best Friends For Life    
BFA Best Friends Always    
BFAM Brother From Another Mother    
BFB Better From Behind    
BFF Best Friends Forever Big Fat Friend/Female  
BFF4L Best Friend Forever For Life    
BFFAE Best Friends Forever And Ever Best Friends For All Eternity
BFFE Best Friends Forever    
BFFL Best Friend For Life    
BFFLE Best Friends For Like Ever    
BFFLTDDUP Best Friends For Life Till Death Do Us Part  
BFFN Best Friend For Now    
BFFWB Best Friend Forever With Benefits    
BFK Big Fat Kiss    
BFMV Bullet For My Valentine (band)    
BFN Bye For Now    
BFP Bad For Pics Big Fat Positive ie pregnant
BFTP Blast From The Past    
BFUT Best Friends Until Tomorrow    
BFWB Best Friend With Benefits    
BG Bad Game Baby Gangster  
BGD Black Gangster Disciples    
BGF Best Girl/Guy Friend    
BGL Big Game License, likes fat people    
BGM Background Music    
BGT Britain's Got Talent (TV show)    
BH Be Happy Bloody Hell Big Head
BHD Bad Hair Day    
BHH Bless His/Her Heart    
BHM Big Handsome Man    
BHO Barak Hussein Obama    
BHUM Sexy, fit    
BIAB Back In A Bit    
BIC Believe It Comrade    
BICBW But I Could Be Wrong    
BIDDIE Good looking girl    
BIDDY Girl, woman    
BIEH Best I Ever Had    
BIFF Best Friend, BFF    
BIFFL Best Internet Friend For Life    
BIFFLE same as BFFL    
BIG Great, really good    
BIG TIME More than usual    
BIG UP Expression of respect    
BIL Brother In-Law    
BIM Barbados    
BIN Buy It Now    
BING But It's Not Google    
BIO Biological (toilet) break    
BION Believe It Or Not    
BIOS Basic Input Output System    
BIRD Cocaine Young woman  
BIS Best In Slot    
BISCUIT Attractive person Cookie  
BISLY But I Still Love You    
BISOU Kiss (French)    
BIT Binary digIT - 1 or 0    
BITTIE Girl    
BIZ Business    
BK Burger King    
BKA Better Known As    
BL Bad Luck Bottom Line  
BLAD Brother/friend (from 'blood')    
BLAH Nothing to say    
BLANK Ignore    
BLAR Expression of boredom, BLAH    
BLARG Expression of boredom    
BLAST Damn Good time  
BLATES Blatently    
BLAZE Smoke Weed    
BLAZED Stoned    
BLAZING Smoking weed    
BLD Bad Life Decision    
BLEH Expression of boredom    
BLEM High on marijuana    
BLG Boys Like Girls (band)    
BLICK A very black person    
BLIND In love    
BLING Flashy Jewelry    
BLINK Blink 182 (band)    
BLK Black    
BLNT Better Luck Next Time    
BLOG Weblog, online diary    
BLOKE Guy, man    
BLOL Big Laugh Out Loud    
BLOOD Gang member Close friend  
BLOOPER Mistake, embarrassing moment    
BLOTTO Drunk    
BLOW Cocaine    
BLOWN High    
BLT Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato sandwich